Is it Possible to Get Student Loans Without a Co-signer?

Is it Possible to Get Student Loans Without a Co-signer?

There is one from many options which students could take their advantage to pay their respective tuition fees is to get a student loans even without their co-signer. Unfortunately, there are lots of students out there without the relevant information on the best way to apply for these loans. As such, most of the applications for student loans without co-signers end up not being approved which mean more problems in financing their education. Actually, students can apply for both private loans and loans supported by the federal institute.

General opinion claims that to acquire student loans for studying abroad or otherwise, one needs a co-signer. A cosigner is a type of guarantor who signs the documents of loans and guarantees that the loan amount will be returned after the stipulated time. Sometimes, it gets difficult for a deserving student to take out a loan due to non-availability of cosigners. But, these days, government has made policies to disperse student loans without cosigners and without any credit checks.

Ways for Loans without Guarantor

– Stafford Student Loan (Subsidized): The government pays the interest during the time the student undergoes education. Loan disbursal is completely need based. Other requirements include US citizenship and have to be a full-time or half-time graduate or under graduate student. The time limit to return the loan is 10 years and no credit check is required at the beginning.

– Perkins Loan: The student needs to prove that he/she is in dire need of student loans. Available to both graduate and undergraduate students, the amount needs to be repaid to the authority within 10 years. But, if you are a drop out, enrolled in the military or part-time school, the time frame reduces to 9 years. The interest charged is fixed and low. In certain situations, the loan can be waived if you are in military service, work in non-profit organizations, employed in special law enforcement positions or specified teaching jobs. checkout latest news coming from

– Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students: The PLUS loans are for parents who can obtain a 100% of the education cost amount to fund the child’s undergraduate studies.

lender– Stafford Student Loans (Unsubsidized): The loan process does not require any credit check. The student has to pay the interest on the loan even during the education period. It is non-based and the student should be a US citizen undergoing a graduation or under-graduation course.

Something very important you need to do in relation to student loans without guarantor is to be truthful when applying for loans without co-signer. Honesty is a virtue that every lender will reward as they easily understand your personal situation. Also ensure that all your credit bills and other debts are settled on time as missed and delayed payments can really frustrate your chances of qualifying for the loans. In fact, if you have a bad credit history and score, then you can as well count your application for loans without co-signer as unsuccessful.

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